everyone deserves one night of escape.

Laute isolé

Laute - eating food that is too luxurious, exotic, or costly.

Laute isolé is a speculative restaurant design experience that uses the medium of food and dining to explore escapism, narcissism and individualism. The restaurant offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for one night of complete escape where guests indulge in a controversial meal of the world’s most indulgent and illicit foods and drugs.

The concept and design was an exploration into the darker side of living in the moment and escaping from the realities of the present. The research took Stephanie deep into the world of the all to prevalent black market food trade and resulted in an intervention design and thought exploration that uses the lens of dining to ask - How far will you go? What risks would you take? Would you destroy yourself, and everything around you, in the pursuit of accomplishing personal pleasure?

Key features:

  • Speculative Design

  • Restaurant Branding and Concept

  • Menu Design

  • Design Research

Photos courtesy of:

Gather Journal

  • Gentl and Hyers

  • Keirnan Monaghan and Theo Vamvounak


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